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The Reedley Nomads' Shop

The Reedley Nomads are a car club that embody all things hot rod! The Nomads were formed in 1956 and some original members are still leading the club. The nomads were started by Reedley High schoolers who shared a common interest, going fast. The Reedley area boasts many car enthusiasts who love hot rods and who are in need of a common place to meet and talk and work on cars. This is where the shop comes in. The Nomads' Shop was originally intended to be a place to gather to work on cars, which it still is. The Nomads have built many awesome hot rods within these walls and there are more in the works today. The shop has evolved into a place where the club gathers to hang out and to share good company and also to build some new hot rods. Adron Scroggins, who was an original Nomad member, showed HRC around the shop. There are plenty of things to look at in the shop and one can spend all day in there checking out the hot rods and hot rod memorabilia. One proud part of the Nomads that sets them apart from most clubs in CA is their race car. They have a club race car that they run at different drag strips around CA, talk about real hot rodding! The guys have done a lot of work on the race car and share driving duties. You can see them at Fomoso or at Eagle Field. Their passion for speed is enviable. There are some other cars in the works in the shop. Adron is hot rodding his 40 Ford pickup and Rod Harms, another Nomad member, is working on his Model A RPU. The Nomads help each other on their cars, and the wealth of knowledge that they all bring to the table makes for some awesome hot rod creations. We thank Adron and the Nomads for letting us check out the shop. They meet every tuesday night and if you see them at car shows or at the races stop by and say hello. Take a look at the picture gallery.


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