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Hot August Daze Clovis, Ca

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Shaver Lake Car Show Coverage Is Live


Sean's "Cause He Can" T-Bird

Check out Sean's T-Bird. One of my favoirte show cars that showed up at Rods on the Bluff in 2013.


"Lit Red's" 32 Three Window Coupe


The Sit Down Event Coverage

“The Sit Down” in San Jose, California is one of the West Coast premier invitational events. The notorious Alex Gambino of Gambino Kustoms is the one responsible for the coordination of the event. It wasn’t uncommon for Alex to zip by you on his bike while bobbing a weaving $20K+ paint jobs on his way to assist with parking. With a strong team of family, employees, friends and volunteers the show ran like clock work. From bordering states, to so cal, and surrounding cities, everybody who was anybody in the scene was there. It really felt more like a homecoming or a family reunion then a car show. Small groups were congregated sharing frosty beers, smokes, and laughs. To be honest, from a promoter stand point this show was very refreshing. The kustom car culture has really taken off again the last five years, and I couldn’t be any more excited because these guys and gals are the real deal. They may not look like your typical gold chain wear street rodder but that’s what I think is so attractive about their community. Alex and Gambino Kustoms is doing special things in automotive world and if he keeps being so hospitable to his guests this event is going to explode. For more on Alex and Gambino Kustoms visit for an excellent editorial. 

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